Kids Poetry Contest

2020 Cowboy Poetry

Sponsored by
Wichita Falls Area Cattle Women & Texoma Community Credit Union

While thinking about cowboy life, work and values, children were asked
to poetically answer the question “What does being ‘Cowboy True’ mean to you?”

Poems were judged by professional poets and winners received a Texoma Community Credit Union savings account. Cash donations were also awarded to each school attended by placing winners.

Poems from the 2020 Cowboy True Poetry Contest are reprinted here in the poet’s original voice with no editing or corrections.

Thank you to all the parents and teachers who encourage these young poets.

A Dying Breed

by Fred Ridenour
Cowboy True Committee Member & Cowboy Poet

What caused the Cowboy to be a dying breed? Was it caused by the way we feed? Was it caused by the trip hopper, the goose neck trailer or the modern hay baler?

Gone are the days when the roundup wagon was out and the boys ate in the cold and saddled well before daylight. How in the world did a chuckwagon cook feed 10 men in a pouring down rain and expect nobody to complain? How did a cowboy saddle a bronc and know when he got on him it was going to be serious pain?

Now... we all know it is easier to roll the window down to check those cows... I guess that’s part of the difference between then and now.

My hat goes off to the old way of doing... cowboys, wagon cooks and a 50 head remuda. A tribute goes to the cowboy that lived in a dugout, prowled his cows horseback, and did his own shoeing.

The western artist has kept it alive with paint and pencil, to let people know how it was to survive. So let’s thank Russell and Remington and even Ace Reid, who let us know that the cowboy is a separate breed.

You know, there is nothing worse than for an old time cowboy seeing a 4-wheeler in a trailer going to feed.

The Winners

Dogs Will Be Dogs

I am fast
I am furry
you will always see me in a hurry
you people wear hats and clothes
I don’t understand that or those
up and down and around the cattle I go
this is my job I know
I may be a little bossy
but that can’t be changed
cause I am an Aussie
I bare my teeth but easily get distracted
oh look a leaf never mind it blew away in the wind
are we done is this the end
but I love working in the day
I guess I’ll go play all day and all night
until I see the morning sunlight

A Cowboy’s Work

The sun rose on an early morning
The roosters crowed and the cows mooed
It was time for a cowboy work day
They got out of their tents and started getting ready
They grabbed their spurs, boots, hats, and guns
They got the horses saddled and cows gathered
They were going to start a big cattle drive
They got on their horses and started to ride
It was hot and hard but the cowboys made it through
They put up their tents and started a fire
They ate beans and had a good time
They told stories, played songs, and laughed so hard
They finally laid down and went to bed in the moonlight

This Cowboy Land

The sound of the cattle is very still.
The tumble weeds rolling down a dusty hill.
Everything is calm everything is grand.
In this quiet ol’ cowboy land.
Everything is calm everything is still.
Oh no here come two cowboys riding down the hill!
Their chaps on their sides and their lassos in their hand.
Everything is good in this big ol’ cowboy land.
The cattle starts to move along.
The cowboys grip is strong.
the horses hooves covered in sand.
but it’s still a grand ol’ cowboy land.
Its getting late for the ol’ boys.
But the cattle is still making noise.
they’re eating beans and singing songs from the band.
It is a peaceful night in this good ol’ fashion land.

The Cowboy to Renew

For me Cowboy True,
means skies of blue,
and a can of beans.
The Cowboy to Renew.

Those boys wore their jeans,
drank out of canteens,
out on the Western Frontier.
The Cowboy to Renew.

At night they would share a beer,
along with a song and a cheer.
As they slept under the starlight.
The Cowboy to Renew.

As the day turned into twilight,
their eyes glittering in the firelight.
Now there are few, yet still,
The Cowboy to Renew.

Cowboy Life

Night and day cowboys are awake
whenever their hungry they eat meat on a campfire they make
On their free time they try to have fun
They always have time to shoot a gun
When they get tired they cant go sleep
They have to be a good sport and not weep
They work with herds and cattle
Most of the day they are on a horse with a sattle
When it’s been a long long day they sometimes have time to take a nap
After that they have to get right back to work and put back on their cowboy cap
- Sienna Crenshaw, Age11
Alternate, Ages 9-13

The Sky Blue like Cowboy True

The sky is blue is blue like cowboy true, everyday there is something new.
Cowboys camp with no lamp, and the night sky is all that high.
Cowboys sit with no kit of medication that never comes from a station.
Take a ride on a horse onto a bumpy course.
The cattle drive takes only 12 men to ride.
Cowboys are not paid well, but there was no cell.
Cowboys ride, cry, yell, be well, and all is left is true.
- Maria Pojoga, Age 10
Alternate, Ages 9-13

The Entries

Cowboy true

Oh cowboys oh cowboys so strong and wise herding by millions every
day and some nights tired and deport for rest every night and cowboys
are strong and wise.
- Allyson Richards
Age 11

Cowboy true

Cowboy true are like a crew. They sleep with no light but there tents are
so bright. Cows have spots while Cowboys drink out of pots. They go on
vacation with good medication. They are going on a diet but are never
quiet. Cowboys love to ride and cows love to hide. One thing is Cowboys
love to ride.
- Anely Salgado
Age 10

The Runaway Cowboy

One day a cowboy ran away, putting on his spurs and collecting his furs.  He rounded up the cattle then had a battle against a slithering snake that wasn’t a fake. He grabbed his shotgun and tried to shoot but he missed and he missed until he had no more. When the snake left him alone there was still more to come. A sneaky bandit was on the loose on a little train caboose. The bandit sneaked away and when he realized the cowboy had his eye on him he ran and ran till he could run no more and the cowboy took his cattle along once more. By the time be made it to a tiny town he went and traded his fur to a merchant with cow food and he took the food and made a large pile. He knew he was almost there but there was still a little longer to go so he got the cattle all together again and jumped on Spiker his beloved horse. The went along the trail until he made it to the end of the route. He put the cattle in a large yard surrounded by barbwire and covered in fresh grass. This was the end he knew and said goodbye to all his mates then he rode Spiker all the way home. 
 - Kaylee Trojacek
Age 10

a cowboy life

Day and night you ride
you are super brave and cool
you are awesome too
- Jackson Daugherty
 Age 10

Cowboy True is to me!

The morning fresh air in the western frontier the cowboy wakes up gets
dressed and buckles  up for a wild day he leaving for a cattle drive this here day with 1000 head of cattle on its way to market in the northern states. He starts his day with a calf missing and he goes to find it in the woods but all he finds is the legs and head a coyote got it he just lost part of his pay day. he goes back with nothing so they put an orphan calf on the mama cow so that it can get milk. half way there a bull strays off so the rest do the same and it starts a stamped after they calmed it down they were at the market. They finally got their pay day they have been working for!
- Faith Sternadel
Age 10


There’s a hundred thousand ranchers that are left here in this land,and
the same amount of laddies that they call their hired hand. There’s ellevan  thousand fellers that rodeo full-time,or at least they pay entry fees though they never make a dime.Add another hundred thousand that team rope every day,and a bunch of country singers woah re cowboys so they say. It’s a little hard to figrue, go ahead and do the math,how less than half a million folks are trotting down that path. HOWEVER,there’s amillion cowboy poets or at least there “claim” to be, reaching for the stars for all the world to see.Theres more poets than theres cowboys got em beat by two-to-one,and I’m not one to argue and I’m sure not poking fun,but I’m wondering if lots of them aren’t just a little phony,and what them fellers write about is just plain ol’ baloney
- Natalie
Age 10

Cowboy in the west

Cowboy true oh cowboy true what do I think of you.
Cattle drives and saddle rides.
Cattle herds is what really hurts.
An extra tent with no air vent
Take a relief and say good grief
In the wild west you had a vest
Drinking from the canteen and smoking nicotine
- Carson Saenz
Age 10

true meaning

what cowboy true means to me is the true life of a cowboy making sure
cows or cattle don,t get separated from their herds and taking them
where they need to go while avoiding losing any cows or cattle along the
way and when if they can they will go with their fellows cowboys to the
rodeo to have some fun when back they will eat dinner and get some
sleep then wake the next and do all over again.
- christopher isaacson
Age 10

Cowboy True

cowboy true cowboy true
what does cowboy true mean
to you? laughing, riding,herding,
and more and so much so much
to explore.woods, grass, plains and
more so much so much to explore
places where there`s lots of game.
and when the sun goes down each day
fires lit and voices sing.
- Alessandra Gagne
Age 10

The Yellow Rose

The yellow rose as beautiful as I know ,and for a cowboy oh I know. With
a cowboy hat and belt. know where i am at. I am in the great big west
where tumble weeds are and lots of theft. I am in the great big west where  I am the man I am the biggest kid in the world. I am me and that is my world
- Krystopher
Age 11

Cowboy life

The cowboys and cowgirls life was never easy. The cowboys had to cut the  grass,feed the animals,stop herds of animals, be in rodeos,fix the barn and house, go hunting for some meat, protect the animals, milk the cows, and go horse riding. The cowgirls had to fix clothes, go horse riding, take care of there family,
- Mason Putthoff
Age 11

Life As a Cowboy in the olden days

Once there was a cowboy that was wild
His money was very very mild
Every night he and his friends went to the bar
Went home one played his guitar
One day he ran out of money
He didn’t think it was very funny
- Addison Patnode
Age 11

the cowboy that did not know what

There once was a cowboy who had a snake in his boot
and he did not know what to do.
So he left west of and almost died of course.
He met some friend and had a drink or two.
There was a crazy fight in the bar and he did not know what to do so he
left but not without getting with hit by a bottle our two.There was glass
every where.He left and got told to go on a cattle drive.
He went and on the way his horse got bit and through a fit.He took out
his gun and bopt that snake . But then that night there was some wolves
and he did not know what to do.So so he fled west of course. Then that
night he could not see and he fell in a canyon. 
 - Gram Finley
Age 11

I want to be a Cowboy!

Whenev’r I was a little boy I wined to my daddy,
“I want to be a Cowboy,and get a little bit rowdy!”
So then one day my dad he asked”Are you sure you want to be a
I shook my head yes,so we left the rest to go train to be a Cowboy.
First we stopped at the Randy’s Horse shop and bought a horse or two
next thing we knew the horse had to poo
this is going to take a while.
When the horse was done my dad,he bought a gun
so now we are ready to go be Cowboys.
We got onto our horses,and rounded up all’f the cows
Boy was I tired! I felt like I was on fire!
It sure is hard to be a Cowboy!
I got right back on my horse,I had to be a Cowboy.
My dad came up and said “Listen boy,you don’t got to be a Cowboy.”
I said “I know dad maybe I’m just bad. But I need to be a Cowboy!”
So we took our horses and we rounded up all the cows
Something was comin’ I could see it runin’,
then my daddy’s gun went KAPOW!!!
The creature stopped movin’
Dad said”There’s our supper”
then I almost hurled in my mouth!
We ate that rabbit to the bones
then my dad put out the fire
We got some rest and man it was the best!
I sure was tired.
I woke up the next morning my whole body feeling sore
Maybe it was time to bring the horses back to the store
This was too hard
my hands are scarred
Being a Cowboy is too hard for me
This made me honor the more
- Evan Sanchez
Age 11

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