Solid Bronze......DungBeetle Most Texans find it entertaining to watch these bugs at work. Rolling their oversized balls of dung over and across unlevel terrain, in extreme weather conditions and the youngster amusing himself, aggrivating them by rolling their balls of dung off to the side is admirable. Upon thinking of this, their shear Tenacity, can teach us all a lesson.This All Bronze Sculptures: -are limited edition -can be ordered -commissions considered For purchases, please: -send email request -cash or money orders only -mail orders will add shipping and handling


If interested in my work, please contact me below. Thank you!

TFR Bronzes
Byers, Texas
Inspired by people and the struggles of everyday life, Tom pursues an accurate representation of his subject matter through realistic depictions of a working-western-outdoor lifestyle. Admiring people who put on gloves and work hard to make a living, he strives to depict this beauty.

Tom knows all credit goes to his loving-supportive wife, family and foremost to God.

Tom Roberts